We are looking for members of the Tourism Association.

In addition to natural assets such as the Tama River and Nogawa River, Komae City is blessed with culture and historical assets such as Komae Baekche, and has been popular with many people since ancient times as a tourist destination in the suburbs of the capital where water and greenery can be enjoyed.
In addition to holding fireworks displays, the Komae Tourism Association has been providing support for raft races and chrysanthemum exhibitions.
We are looking for members who can cooperate in the development, dissemination, implementation and development of tourism resources in Komae.
We ask that many of you join.


Anyone can join

Membership fee

(1) Individual members: 1,000 yen or more per bite per y
ear (2) Corporate members: 10,000 yen or more per bite per year


Where to apply

Komae City Tourism Association Secretariat (Regional Development Section, Regional Activity Division, Komae City)

Telephone number