April Komae Cherry Blossom Festival

Komae Cherry Blossom Festival

Nekawa Sakura-dori is one of the wonderful places where the cherry trees in the city line up, and we aim to create a lively atmosphere through the Komae Cherry Blossom Festival.On the day, you can stop the traffic and enjoy eating and drinking slowly while looking at the beautiful cherry blossoms.

At the sub-venue, there are fun events for children, and families can enjoy it.

In addition, during the week until the day before the event, you can light up the cherry blossoms between about 200 meters on one side of Negawa Sakura Street, where you can enjoy fantastic night cherry blossoms.


Part 1 Many stores opened on Nekawa Sakura Street

Many restaurants such as civic groups and kitchen cars will open on Negawa Sakura Street, the main venue.At the food and beverage booths set up under the cherry blossom tunnel, you can enjoy eating and drinking while looking at the cherry blossoms in places that you can’t usually see slowly.

Part 2 Various events for children

The sub-venue will hold a variety of events that children and families can enjoy.

3. Light up the cherry blossoms until the day before the event

For one week until the day before the event, the cherry blossoms will be lit up between about 200 meters on one side of Negawa Sakura Street.

Please take a look at the fantastic scenery that is a little different from the cherry trees that can be seen during the day.


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