Edamame Yokan

Edamame Yotei

The raw material is 100% edamame, and it is characterized by a refreshing taste that suppresses sweetness.The exciting energy held in 2008!It was exhibited in the Komae Sweets Gem Contest, and it was well received, and it became a featured product.

Product Information

Producer Confectionery Master Shimura

(Small) 300 yen (including tax)

(Large) 700 yen (tax included)


Name of the store Address Telephone number
Confectionery Master Shimura Higashi-Izumi 2-2-2 03-3480-2074


  1. Grilled sweetfish

  2. サブレー万頭こまえ

    Sabrae, man-headed.

  3. 狛江の野菜

    Komae Vegetables

  4. 布巻ハム

    Funomaki ham

  5. こまえ~る


  6. よもぎかすていら

    Yomogi castella