Sale of paid seats

All seats were sold out due to the popularity!

Paid seats will be sold for the “Reiwa’s First Year Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festival” held on Wednesday, August 7.
 There is no need to take up a place in the paid viewing seats, and it is characterized by being able to enjoy the whole picture of fireworks, including the powerful fireworks up close at the Komae side venue and the Niagara fireworks at the Kawasaki side venue.

Sales start from 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 19

  Seat name Contents Price
Komae Side 1st Venue Bank table paid seat Round table + 4 chairs 16,000 yen
Lower-handed pair paid seat 2 chairs 8000 Yen
Dodge chair paid seat 1 chair 4,000 yen
Kawasaki side 1st venue Pair paid seats (pipe chairs) 2 pipe chairs 7,000 YEN
Chair paid seats 1 chair 3,500 yen

Image of the venue

About a 4-minute walk from Izumi Tamagawa Station on the Odakyu L
ine( about a 5-minute walk from Todo Station on the JR Nanbu Line and Odakyu Line

Seating map

How to buy

Purchase at the store (only during business hours of each store)

Seven-Eleven (multi-copy machine installed in-store)

<Pコード> Komae side 642-780
Kawasaki side 642-781

Lawson, Ministop (“Loppi” installed in the store)

<Lコード> Komae side 38711
Kawasaki side 38712

Zhao Pia store (ticket application form filled out)

Purchase by phone (automatic voice)

Ticket Pia Phone 0570(02)9999

<Pコード> Komae side 642-780
Kawasaki side 642-781

Lawson Ticket Phone 0570 (000) 407

<Lコード> Komae side 38711
Kawasaki side 38712

Purchase on the Internet (free membership registration required)

Ticket Pia
Lawson Ticket

All sales at the Tourism Association Secretariat (Regional Activity Division on the 2nd floor of City Hall) are sold out.
Note: Ticket refunds in the event of cancellation are only available at purchased stores.

Contact us

Regarding the event Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festival Executive Co
mmittee Secretariat (Regional Activity Division) Ticket s/he Ticket Pia Phone 0570(02)9111, Lawson Ticket Phone 0570 (000) 777


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