We are looking for message fireworks – put your thoughts on the fireworks that are going up

Why don't you send your own message to fireworks with special feelings such as celebrations such as marriage and childbirth, gratitude to important people, and proposals.Before launching fireworks, read out the message in the in-situ announcement.
Application scans have been closed.

Application requirements

Messages of up to 40 character
s cannot be messages with religious, political or commercial purposes.

Number of applications

First 10


10,000 yen per case


By Friday, June 21, the application form (Word/PDF) will be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Sabae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festivals (City Hall Regional Activity Division).


  1. 狛江・多摩川花火大会


  2. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    Reiwa First Year Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festival Request for Sponsorship

  3. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    Thank you for your sponsorship (thank you)

  4. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    Frequently Asked Questions

  5. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    Komae Fireworks Campaign

  6. 協賛タオル

    We sell sponsored towels.