Komae Jomon Madeleine

Komae Jomon Madeleine

Madeleine made with ancient rice full of health power.Please enjoy the deliciousness, aroma, and chewy texture of each of the three types of honey, sesame, and green tea.

Product Information

Producer Yume Confectionery Studio Se Joule
Price 173 yen per piece (tax included)


Name of the store Address Telephone number
Yume Confectionery Studio Se Joule Izumimoto 1-2-8 03-3480-8862


  1. よもぎかすていら

    Yomogi castella

  2. うずまきちゃん


  3. サブレー万頭こまえ

    Sabrae, man-headed.

  4. えだまめ羊羹

    Edamame Yokan

  5. Grilled sweetfish

  6. 狛江はちみつ

    Komae Honey