Homemade sausagemade with minimal additives and spiraled with a focus on “safe, safe and delicious”.You can also stick it in a skewer and walk around eating.

Product Information

Producer Seijo and Shirota Kobo
Price 100g 290 yen (tax included)


Name of the store Address Telephone number
Seijo and Shirota Kobo Higashinogawa 4-5-8 03-3489-8611


  1. 狛江史跡銘菓 万葉最中

    Komae Historic Site Famous Confectionery Manyo in the middle

  2. Komae Jomon Madeleine

  3. 狛江はちみつ

    Komae Honey

  4. 布巻ハム

    Funomaki ham

  5. よもぎかすていら

    Yomogi castella

  6. サブレー万頭こまえ

    Sabrae, man-headed.