Thank you for your sponsorship (thank you)

Thank you very much for your support from many companies, organizations, and individuals at the time of the “First Year Komae and Tamagawa Citizens’ Fireworks Festival”. ReiwaAll sponsorship money and sponsors will be used for the operation of the Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festival.
We will introduce the following about all of you who have sponsored the event.

Sponsor banner advertisement, one word PR sentence (in no particular order)

Izumien Co., Ltd.

We are also doing a good sale.
Please come to Izumien when you want to enter the houseplants.
For more information, please visit our website.

Shikoku Development Co., Ltd.

We are supporting Komae City!

Space Plan Co., Ltd.

Space Plan is a community-based company that develops real estate, design, architecture, food and beverage, and travel.

Kinuyama Real Estate Co., Ltd.

FM Komae will be born in Komae City.We support the establishment of Community FM for disaster prevention in the region.

Kobe Beef Matsubaya Co., Ltd.

We have been providing the original taste of meat for half a century in Komae.

Mitaka Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Consultation on housing such as roof, exterior wall, interior, solar power generation, etc. is available anytime, anywhere, the Mitaka Group

Kakigishi Industry Co., Ltd.

The roof inspection by the drone is carried out free of charge.Feel free to consult about exterior renovation!

Yoko Uchida Co., Ltd.

We support the creation of good “schools, education, and classes”.

Kawamata Kensou Co., Ltd.

Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festival More Energizing Komae!

KokueI Real Estate Survey Co., Ltd.

Congratulations on the Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festival!I hope it will be fine on the day!

JCOM Tokyo Setagaya Bureau Co., Ltd.

More to resonate with you.Local cable TV.J:com

Susuki Co., Ltd.

I’ll rent it to you, apartment, parking lot

Chiyoda Giken Co., Ltd.

Connecting “Craftsmanship” to the Future

Chiyoda Daiichi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Holiday!Fireworks display held!Chiyoda Daiichi Kogyo will continue to be a company loved by local people.

Fujita Real Estate Co., Ltd.

It is Fujita real estate at the corner of the intersection of the city hall in 1961.I’m looking forward to the fireworks display for the first time in four years.

Mitaka Holdings Co., Ltd.

Congratulations on the first year of Reiwa, Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festivals

Royal Industries Co., Ltd.

We pray for the further development of the hometown Komae.

Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Please take a look at The r’Resia, a rental house that revolves around the Odakyu Line, and “Refia,” a condominium.

Childcare in Kinoshita Co., Ltd.

A nursery school of the Kinoshita Group that values the individuality of children.Please feel free to contact us for tours, etc.!

Good Luck Stage Co., Ltd.

From meeting a nice partner to dating and marriage, we provide generous support.

Komae City Construction Industry Association

The Komae Construction Industry Association works with the city to prepare for an emergency disaster, with the safety of citizens first.

Komae Landscaping Green Water Society

A future full of greenery and smiles

Satsuma Construction Co., Ltd.

51 years of walking with Komae!For the bright future of the children … To the next 100 years!!

Shinkogyo Co., Ltd.

From the feet to the city where the ground and the sky are beautiful from the foot of the citizens of Komae
along with the city government.

Toto Co., Ltd.

40 years of experience in community-based!If it is real estate, please leave it to Toto Co., Ltd.!

Hayao Print Co., Ltd.

The first year of Reiwa the celebration, The Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festivals

Fujiwara Doken Co., Ltd.

Please consult our long-established company for building demolition and waste disposal!Quote free!

Yaoki Trading Co., Ltd.

48 years have been in business.To a brighter future.We are developing real estate business from local Kawasaki to Tokyo.

Yamaguchi Doken Co., Ltd.

Please leave the civil engineering and the pavement to us.

Lygix Co., Ltd.

Please feel free to contact us about iron lid replacement work and demolition work.

Toto Real Estate Co., Ltd.

24 stores along the Odakyu Line, Keio Line, and Toyoko Line!Please leave the room search to Toto Real Estate!

Sekisui House Co., Ltd. Musashino Shamaison Branch

The Shamaison Festa will be held on September 12th, 13th and 14th.I will guide you to an example.It is accepted at any time.

Rocket Co., Ltd.

It has been 17 years in Komae.Through live music and sports broadcasting, we send LOVE & PEACE to the world!

Miraila Co., Ltd.

If you have any problems or problems with “I do not know how to use IT, it is difficult”, please feel free to contact us.

List of Sponsors (in no particular order)

List of Sponsored Companies and Individuals

Izumien Co., Ltd.
Shikoku Development Co., Ltd.
Space Plan Co., Ltd.
Kinuyama Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Kobe Beef Matsubabaya
Royal Industries Co., Ltd.
Yoko Uchida Co., Ltd.
Okubo Kanko Co., Ltd.
Kawamata Construction Co., Ltd.
KokueI Real Estate Survey Co., Ltd.
JCOM East Setagaya Bureau Co., Ltd.
(Yes) Susuki
Fujita Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Kakigishi Industry Co., Ltd.
IBJ Co., Ltd.
El Housing Company Co., Ltd.
Komae City Construction Industry Association
Komae Landscaping Green Water Society
Satsuma Construction Co., Ltd.
Shinkogyo Co., Ltd.
Toto Co., Ltd.
Hayao Print Co., Ltd.
Fujiwara Doken Co., Ltd.
Yaoki Trading Co., Ltd.
Yamaguchi Doken Co., Ltd.
Lygix Co., Ltd.
Ide Building Co., Ltd.
Uemitsu Co., Ltd.
Uenao Suzuki Landscaping
Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Kato Trading Co., Ltd.
Kawai Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kansei Industry Co., Ltd.
Kinuyama Industrial Co., Ltd.
Kinuyama Landscaping
Kuriyama Landscaping
Komae Medical Association
Komae Dental Association
Komae City Cultural Promotion Corporation
Komae Pharmaceutical Association
Otanino Landscaping Co., Ltd.
Liberal Democratic Party Komae General Branch
Liberal Democratic Party and Mingming Club
Shirai Landscaping Co., Ltd.
Sekisui House Co., Ltd. Musashino Shamaison Branch
Kashiwa Wooden Garden Co., Ltd.
Toto Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Toyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Toyo Foods Co., Ltd.
Parkheim Komae Autonomous Association
Patisserie Anoau
(Yes) Hikari Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Attorney Jun Kizugawa
Miraila Co., Ltd.
Yatabe Lumber Co., Ltd.
Lancer Co., Ltd.
Rocket Co., Ltd.
One-for-all,all-for-one Komae Haku Orthopedic Surgery
Art Pocket Company
Ariyama Trading Co., Ltd.
Iida Electric Co., Ltd.
Izumiya Cotton Works Co., Ltd.
Atsushi Inaba
AJEC Co., Ltd.
A.I. Co., Ltd.
Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Karihana Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Garage Nakazawa
Komae Station-mae Chikaeikai
Komae Support Team
Komae City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jonan Shinkin Bank Komae Branch
Shinwa Corporation
Mieko Sugimoto
Soka Gakkai Tamagawa Peace Hall
Daizen Corporation
Takagi Animal Hospital
TOKYO Liberal Democratic Party
Tokyo Chofu Lions Club
Tama Sales Office, Nakanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Japanese restaurant fan shop
Shigeo Hasegawa
Yayo Co., Ltd.
Kazuto Hirabuki
Foot Advance Seijo Store
Mines Agricultural Cooperative Komae Branch
Matsumoto Dental Clinic
Meat Station
Mitsuosa Co., Ltd.
Yoneya Construction Co., Ltd.
i Corporation
Asahi Home Co., Ltd.
Katsunori Arai
Yasuo Arai
Izumi Tamagawa Shopping Street Promotion Association
Ichinohashi Internal Medicine Dermatology
Oka Trading Co., Ltd.
Odakyu OX Komae Store
Keiwa Co., Ltd.
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd.
Tama Sales Office, Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Komae Golf Club
Hagino Electric Co., Ltd.
Niden Construction Co., Ltd.
Chofu Komae Baths Association
Toida Industry Co., Ltd.
Total Housing Shimaoka Tomoyuki
Tama Branch, Fujitsu Ltd.
Maze Construction Co., Ltd.
Mamori Dental Clinic
Tanitabe Tatami Store
Rissho Kaseikai Chofu Church
Refo House Co., Ltd.
Reina Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Asahi Kako Co., Ltd.
Asuka Roqueres
Koji Ishikura
Nori Ishimaru
Kazuyoshi Inoue
Edoya Co., Ltd.
Keio Equipment Service Co., Ltd.
Gomi Grocery Store
Speeder Rental Co., Ltd.
Tajima Denkosha Co., Ltd.
Akihiko Oda, Small and Medium Enterprise Diagnostic Itechnician
TY Planning Co., Ltd.
Teraji Corporation
Rotary Club of Tokyo Komae
Tokyo Cable Industry Co., Ltd.
Nakagawa Enterprises
Nishiyama Co., Ltd.
Japanese Communist Party Komae City Committee
Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
Pioneer Eco Co., Ltd.
Manabe Flower
(Yes) Meshiro Bisou
Hideo Tanitabe
Yachiho Co., Ltd.
Eye Studio
Aizuya Kenko Co., Ltd.
Iris Plaza Unidy Komae Store Co., Ltd.
Yoshio Amemiya
Ayumi Osteological Clinic
Takayuki Arai
E-Kato Limited
ECC Best One Komae School
Eastern MotorsChowf
Ikeda Plumbing Construction Co., Ltd.
Izakaya Yotsuba
Kiyoko Ishii
Jun Ishiguro
Kiyoyo Ishimori
Izumi Shrine
Izuminomori Kaikan
Kuwakata Komai Shotenkai
Oikawa Shoten
Masaki Okoshi
Ogawa Bamboo Materials Store
Okuya Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Kagoya Akimoto Shoten
(Fuku) Kashimi Welfare Association
Yoko Kato
Kawada Ryokan
Cafe Notalino
Kiraboshi Bank Izumi Tamagawa Branch
Kiraboshi Bank Komae Branch Co., Ltd.
Green Planning
Shigeru Kurihara
Kuriyama Equipment Co., Ltd.
K.BaseRoastery Lab
Kono Motor Co., Ltd.
Komae Silver Human Resources Center
Komae Federation of Senior Citizens’ Clubs
Komae Central Shopping Street
Komae Jiu-do
Komae Boys
Sawayaka Osteophysiology Clinic
Sankei General Printing Co., Ltd.
Sanshin Co., Ltd.
Triba Cold Heat Co., Ltd.
Sanwa Co., Ltd.
Jackpot Planning Co., Ltd.
Matsufuen Co., Ltd.
Suzuki Construction Co., Ltd.
Zei Co., Ltd.
Seijo Shirota Kobo
St. Paulia Music Hall
Takahashi Industry Co., Ltd.
Junzo Tashiro
Tamaesti International Student Center
Chofu City Fireworks Executive Committee
Tsunematsu Survey & Design Office
T.M.S. Co., Ltd.
Central Research Institute for Electric Power
Tokyo Sogo Photography Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Tamagawa Rotary Club
Chofu Sabae Branch, Tokyo Real Estate Business Association
Tokyo Metropolitan Agriculture Council Staff Friendship Meeting
Dog Salon Sheep
Kazumi Tsujinaga
Trust Win Co., Ltd.
Naoi Stationery Store Co., Ltd.
Nagashima Ritax Accountant Office
Nitto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Japan Elevator Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Japanese restaurant Tsuboya
Nozawa Clinic
Todo-Hashiba Shoten
Patisserie Sejour
Hayashi Construction Co., Ltd.
Hair’s Idea
Hair Salon CUT in BABA
Star Construction Co., Ltd.
Matsuzaka Corporation
Matsubara Youth Association
Takashi Matsumura
Hiromi Matsumura
Water Works
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Komae Branch
Seijo Branch, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Branch
Triangular Mitsumasa
Mousasi Co., Ltd.
Noodle shop Kurofune Komae store
Motohashi Motors
Yumiko Tanitabe
Toshio Tanitabe
Masami Tanitabe
Yachiyo Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Yoshida Osteological Clinic
Yoshino Corporation


  1. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    Sale of paid seats

  2. Precautions

  3. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    Reiwa First Year Komae and Tamagawa Fireworks Festival Request for Sponsorship

  4. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    Komae Fireworks Campaign

  5. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    We are looking for message fireworks – put your thoughts on the fireworks that are going up

  6. 狛江・多摩川花火大会

    We are looking for message fireworks – put your thoughts on the fireworks that are going up