What is Komae Location Service?


In conjunction with the location photography of movies and TV dramas in Komae City, we have established the Komae City Tourism Association as an organization that attracts photography and provides support for a fee.

Komae Location Service provides a comprehensive point of service for location photography, including various coordination, photography, and bento arrangements, and is developing business with the aim of revitalizing the region through its business.


Business activities

1.Activities to attract video production and location photography

  • Introduction by homepage and SNS (facebook, etc.)

2.Business associated with location photography

  • Negotiation and coordination of photography permits, etc.
  • Introduction and arrangement of bento, etc.
  • Standing on the day of the shooting

3.Request for cooperation

  • Securing and cooperating with extras
  • In addition, exchange, exchange, and cooperation with neighboring FCs


January 5, 2015
The Komae Location Service Preparation Office was established within the Komae Tourism Association to conduct a trial of the project (operated by Day Night Co., Ltd.).

April 13, 2015
The implementation of the Komae Location Service will be officially decided at the General Meeting of the Komae Tourism Association (operation is entrusted to Day Night Co., Ltd.).


  1. お知らせ


  2. ロケーションサービス

    Shooting results

  3. エキストラ募集

    Citizen Volunteers Extra Recruitment

  4. Location Bento recruitment

  5. For Creators

  6. ロケ物件募集

    Location Property Recruitment