Mizu Shrine

Mizu Shrine

The water god is a general term of the god related to water, and it is enshrined in the water speed woman life which is assumed to be the god of irrigation water .It is related to the water for Rokugo, and the shrine is located next to the water intake port, and it is enshrined by Jidayu Koizumi, who was instrumental in the construction of the irrigation lot.

In 1889, the present water god’s shrine was dedicated by 13 villages outside Izumi Village who benefited from the water for Rokugo.In 1928, there was a stone dedicated by the Rokugo Water And Water Utility Association.

LocationNear Motoizumi 2-36, Komae City
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  2. Nishigawara Natural Park

  3. 野川


  4. Nishinogawa Murmuring

  5. 小足立のびのび公園

    Koadachi Nobinobi Park

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