Komae Municipal Folk House Garden (Muikara Minkaen)

Zhejiang Municipal Folk House Garden (Mukara Minkaen)

It began with a citizen movement to demolish and preserve the Arai family housing owner’s house, and opened in 2002 as an old private house garden.Two city-designated cultural properties have been relocated and restored in the park, and the former Arai family house owner was built in Izumi Village (present-day Motoizumi 1-chome area) around the end of the 18th century, and the former Tochigi Ienagayamon was built in 1859. It was built in Gakuto Village (now around Nishinogawa 1-chome).
“Muikara” is the straw used for the roof, and it is the nickname of the old private house garden.

LocationMotoizumi 2-15-5, Komae City
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  1. Tamagawa River

  2. Gohonmatsu

  3. Seseragi Iwato River

  4. 前原公園(とんぼ池公園)

    Maehara Park (Tonboike Park)

  5. Nishigawara Natural Park

  6. 野川