Special Green Space Conservation Area (Benzaiten Pond, etc.)

Special Green Space Conservation Area (Benzaiten Pond, etc.)

In 1987, the green space at the north exit of Komae Station, the precincts of Senryuji Temple, and Benzaiten Pond were designated as special green space conservation areas from Tokyo.
With its lush greenery, the area is full of seasonality and is familiar to many citizens.

Benzaiten Pond, a city historic site in the district, was introduced as a “reisen” along with the legend of Roben monk’s rain begging in the Edo Famous Places Drawing Society, and it is said that the water in the pond did not wither even during the drought.

LocationMotoizumi 1-7,KomaeCity 
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  1. 前原公園(とんぼ池公園)

    Maehara Park (Tonboike Park)

  2. Mizu Shrine

  3. Nishinogawa Murmuring

  4. Tamagawa River

  5. Nishigawara Natural Park

  6. Nogawa Green Park