Tamagawa River

Tama River

With a total length of 138 kilometers and a watershed area of 1,240 square kilometers, the Tamagawa River is full of wild flowers and wild birds.The scenery of nature is abundant in the four seasons, and it is a place of relaxation for citizens.
In The Free Hiroba, a monument of the Tama River collapse (Inogata 4-chome) is erected to convey the memory of the Tamagawa River flood disaster in 1974.


  1. Mizu Shrine

  2. Seseragi Iwato River

  3. Nogawa Green Park

  4. Gohonmatsu

  5. 玉川碑(万葉歌碑)

    Tamagawa Monument (Manyoshu Monument)

  6. Special Green Space Conservation Area (Benzaiten Pond, etc.)