December: The lighting ceremony of the illumination of the illumination of the citizens in front of Komae City Hall

With the aim of attracting people from November every year and the town is bustling, illumination is carried out on the trees of the citizens of Hiroba no Keyaki in front of Komae City Hall.I would be happy if you could stop by and establish it as a winter tourist spot.At the lighting ceremony, we also distribute tonjiru free of charge.


  1. 郷土芸能フェスティバル

    December Local Performing Arts Festival

  2. 狛江市民まつり

    November Komae Citizens Festival

  3. 狛江フェスティバル

    August Komae Festival

  4. こまえ初春まつり

    January Komae Hatsuharu Festival

  5. こまえ桜まつり

    April Komae Cherry Blossom Festival

  6. June Komae Civic Day in Giants Stadium